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Ebay Auctions & Direct Sale!

Hi everyone,
I posted some new Ebay auctions this week. Some brand names include lots of Lip Service, Betsey Johnson, Tripp, Morbid Threads, Serious, Ed Hardy, Exprees, Steve Madden, and lots of other unique items.
I still have more things to post so please keep checking back.
Chick here to see my auctions ---> Living Dead Threads <---

Direct Sale:
I have a monster plush fur jacket in HOT PINK! Made by Morbid Threads, a very rare find! Its in perfect condition, no holes, or stains. Made of super soft plush faux fur. Size Medium.
I wanted to offer it to people here first before I put it on auction.
I'm asking $100.00 for it plus shipping of $14.00 for Priority Mail shipping in the U.S. (its going to need a big box.)
PLUS! You get a pair of FREE matching mittens with the purchase of this coat! Yay! :)
Check out the pics below, to see the details of this gorgeous coat.
If anyone is interested message me ASAP to make payment arrangements. Paypal only.

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Ebay auctions 3 days left!

Posted a bunch of clothing on Ebay. Everything from name brands like Lip Service, Shrine of Hollywood, Tripp NYC, Forever 21, Morbid Threads, A Fine Mess, Ed Hardy, Burn N Violet and more! All auctions start at $9.99 or less and no reserve. Guaranteed in time for the Holidays!

If you like PVC/vinyl aka "shiny clothing", I have a ton of it to post this week, so keep checking back! :)

Four Freaky Fetish Favorites Philly & NYC

Wicked Fridays (Weekly,Philly) Doc Watson's 216 South 11th St. (between Walnut & Locust)

Kulture Shock First Fridays(Nov 7th Monthly,Philly) Doc Watson's 216 South 11th St. (between Walnut & Locust)

Emancipation (Nov.13th Bi-Weekly, NYC) @ HK 405 W 39th St. (between 9th Ave. & Dyer Ave.)

Diabolique Ball XII(Nov. 22Annual, Philly) @ Shampoo Willow St. ?(between 7th and 8th)

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Hi everyone

I'm new here, and looking for a little advice/help. I've recently bought a black PVC nurses outfit, and intend to wear the boots in the userpic with it. I also want to buy a white outfit. Any suggestions as to what shoes would look best with it? I'm currently looking at (all white, with at least 4 inch heels):
thigh-high laced-back PVC boots
knee-high roll-up PVC boots
knee-high patent boots (a lot like the black ones in the user pic)
ankle high lace-up patent boots
patent Mary-Jane shoes
patent standard court shoes
PVC mules

Which do you reckon would look best, or do you have any other suggestions? I intend to wear thick white hold-ups as well.

Many thanks